// one of Australia's best-known Science Communicators and Futurists


Dr Deane Hutton is one of Australia’s best-known science educators. He presents action-packed shows about science, technology and the future in schools, universities and business conferences. For many years, he has been presenting science shows in schools in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand – “The Magic of Science”, “A Journey Through Space”, "The Information Superhighway", "Boost Your Brain Power" and "Going Green with Dr Deane".img deanehutton wideprofile3

 “Boost Your Brain Power” shows teachers and students how to improve thinking skills. The 50-minute program uses dramatic demonstrations, problems, puzzles, and interactive games.


  1. The Human Brain
    What does the brain look like?
    How does it work?
    How does it compare with a computer?
  2. Vision
    How do our eyes and brain work together to make sense of the things around us?
    Optical illusions – How do the eyes trick the brain?
    Techniques for scanning pictures to work out what they mean.
  3. Sounds
    How do our ears and brain work together to interpret the world of sound?
    Secret sounds – students are challenged to work out the source of everyday household sounds.
    Fake sounds – students learn how Foley artists, in Hollywood films, make artificial sounds to match the pictures.
  4. Words
    How can we build so many words in the English language from just 26 letters?
    Word puzzles – including palindromes and anagrams.
  5. Numbers
    Growing numbers – arithmetic and geometric progressions
    Predicting numbers on dice
    Relativity – the meaning of big and small, fast and slow. Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  6. Memory
    Memory puzzles and games.
    How to improve memory – by grouping objects, or by using crazy words and sentences.