// one of Australia's best-known Science Communicators and Futurists


img deanehutton profile4Dr Deane Hutton, from television’s Curiosity Show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Channel Seven News, and The New Inventors is one of Australia’s best-known science educators. He presents action-packed shows about science, technology and the future in schools, universities and business conferences. For more than ten years, he has been presenting science shows in schools throughout Australia.

Deane has developed a show called “Going Green with Dr Deane” which shows teachers and students how to understand Planet Earth, environmental problems and sustainability. Sustainability means “to keep it going”. In this 50-minute interactive program, dramatic demonstrations and experiments enable young people to appreciate the structure of the Earth, the fragile nature of our air and water resources and the importance of energy. It stresses how we can all be involved in living a sustainable lifestyle without damaging or depleting valuable resources.


img deanehutton profile7The Earth:
How did the Earth form? Why do we have earthquakes and volcanoes? What are “greenhouse gases”? What is climate change? Is Global Warming a serious problem?


How far does the atmosphere extend above us? How important is air pressure to life on Earth? We share the air with every living thing. What are the major causes of air pollution?.

How much water is on the Earth’s surface? How much water do living things contain? Why is water vital to life? What can we do to save water?

The Sun:
How much energy does the Sun give out every day? How can we use solar energy more effectively? Other forms of energy: wind, waves, hot rocks and nuclear – advantages & disadvantages.

At Home:
Practical tips for saving water in the bathroom and kitchen. Practical tips for saving energy in lighting, cooking, heating and cooling. What do ”carbon neutral” and “carbon trading” mean?.

In the Backyard:

Practical tips for saving water in the backyard. How to use green plants, ground cover and garbage to improve backyard environment.

Comments from Schools

“His shows are really amazing - I was just as “amazed” as the children!”
- Governor Philip King PS, NSW
“Deane’s show inspired the staff to implement more “hands on” science activities in their own classrooms.”
- Narellan Vale PS, NSW
“A fantastic performance. Deane had the boys in the palm of his hand. He made science exciting, interesting and fascinating”
- St. Ignatius’ College, Riverview, NSW
“His explanation was pitched at the right level for each age-group. A great teacher.”
- Virginia PS, SA
“Deane is an inspiration as well as a fantastic educator. He is passionate about science and is an excellent example to students of someone who follows their passion in life.”
- Middle Harbour PS, NSW